Professionals using sendcard

Sendcard – We love our Earth

SendCard is an environmental friendly solution for professionals to save papers by not printing namecard. Businessmen require to exchange namecards to get contact information for business. With digital namecard, we can save the paper, save the admin cost and be more efficient to manage business contact.

Professionals using sendcard

Photographers always meet different people and clients. With SendCard, clients can be easy to connect them. Also, clients can click in the photographers’ website to see their portfolio to generate the project opportunities.

Playing around with digital namecard Sendcard

It can help doctor to build up an image, even more professional with IT enhancement. Moreover, Patients will be more easy to connect to doctor and clinic for making reservation.

Doctor using SendCard

Social workers have wide network in society. They connect with many partners and other social workers for collaboration. With digital namcard, social workers are easily connected to each other and making new friends in order to help the society better.

Girl introducing sendcard to people

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