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Digital Namecard – SendCard keeps rolling!

SendCard is not just good for environmental protection by saving papers. It can also help us to build up our own network. Ken Allen is a Gym owner. He just met two beautiful ladies. By sharing his own Sendcard, Mary and Winnie got Ken’s contact. Amazing!

A guy share digital namecard with two girls

Mary tried to compare her own namecard to her new SendCard. She is so happy and exciting to show to Winnie. Mary’s sendCard is impressing Winnie and so she is going to make her own digital namecard!

A girl share her digital namecard with her friend

Winnie followed Mary to make one SendCard for herself after that. Both Mary and Winnie are happy of having fantastic digital namecards to replace their own paper namecard!

Two girl showing their digital namecard

Mary started sharing her SendCard to other friends and then all of them are impressed by Mary’s great introduction! SendCard started to be popular! Let’s make one for yourself now!

Guy show his digital namecard to two girls









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