Friend’s Networking

A group of people using SendCard

Networking with friends

SendCard can help you networking with friends easily. In university, we have many chance to meet new friends. How can we get friend’s direct contact? By using SendCard, you can offer new friends to scan your SendCard to let them get your contact information first. You give them a direct linkage and let them to press the whatsapp button in SendCard to send you message by saying “hi”. Thus, here you go, you got their connection!

Networking with a girl using sendcard
Exchanging contact with a girl using sendcard

SendCard can also let you to start a topic about the items that you mentioned in your SendCard CV such as your interest, what did you do in the past, what experience do you have and etc.

Networking with friend
Networking with friend

You may like to share your personal website and photos in the cloud to your new friends.

Guy exchanging contact with girl using SendCard
Guy exchanging contact with girl using SendCard

Furthermore, you can exchange the SendCard with other and start schedule the next gathering.

Networking with friends using Sendcard

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