Digital Marketing Expertise
for Retails & Enterprise Companies

We aim to be your external R&D department!

In order to help traditional business to transform the up-to-date business format, Sengital Group spin-off company HKR&D Limited will develop a tailor-made digital marketing system for your retail business.
  • New Web Gateway: Tailor-made website with membership system, warranty system, event management and etc
  • Backend System: Content management system with membership database, warranty database, event database and etc
  • Big Data Analysis: Customer analytics, Search engine optimization, google search engine, google analytics,
  • Digital Marketing Engine: Auto link up with social media, EDM engine, e-commerce platform, payment gateway, content marketing, relationship marketing

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Paper Namecard? Think about it.

There are some researches show that nearly 90% of the namecard are disposed within a week and it has not been used…

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